Mac Saturn's first single
the stars won't align
pulled every different way
the well is running dry
but there's rain on the parade
i'll labor through the drought
with dirty hands and broken tools
the blueprint builds a house
to make it home is up to you

If I could make up for
all the time that's come and gone
I'd try to be a better man
I'd find my way back home
and I'd be happy for a while
but with no sight of the end
the hourglass would flip
and the cycle start again

i'm the one to blame for all this trouble
thinking only of myself again
reassured but I keep second guessing
so I will patch what holes I can
and I will fix it
released April 15, 2016
Lyrics by Nick Barone - Music by Mac Saturn
Performed by Mac Saturn

Recorded by Aaron Christoff in March 2016 at Profit Audio Engineering - Oxford, MI
Mixed by Ronnie Riggar at Simply Shady Studios - Ann Arbor, MI
Mastered by Dan Mooney

a fishbowl recording - © Ⓟ April 2016